Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Raising Money to Start a Small Business

Having to raise money to start a business is probably the most difficult aspect of getting any start-up business off the ground.

Most businesses require a good amount of capital to start, and most of us are filled with good ideas but usually have a lack of money to get started.

If you are truly serious about starting a business, then you have to learn how to raise money to start a business.

Every potential business owner needs a business plan
raise money to start a business
A business plan outlines everything from location, money sources, advertising expenses, to how much food will cost and how many chairs the business will need. It will outline what type of business you intend to run and most importantly, how it is different from other businesses.

You can start a for profit or a non profit business, and you need to know the difference between these. A non-profit business will have special rules and considerations it must abide by but can be easier to raise money for versus a for profit business.

Your business plan should always be a work in progress. As new ideas come to you in the middle of the night (and they will) your business plan will need to be altered to show applications for these new ideas. Everyone whom you will encounter in the process of learning
  how to raise money to start a business will want to review your business plan.

Moreover, you will want to classify quite clearly why you are a good choice to run the business. What makes you more qualified than you neighbor or more importantly, the guy in the next town with a very similar business?

While an education is helpful, it does not always boil down to educational resources. Sometimes life experience or a special ability in a niche often times is what makes you more qualified than someone else to run your business.

You are going to have to become your very own pitch person. You will be in front of bank representatives and philanthropists trying to convince them to take a chance on you.

While you never want to beg, you do want to show them that you are competent but human, strong but able to listen, and powerful without being too proud. You want to be the ultimate business person.

Look for private and government small business grants
raise money to start a business with government small business grants
There are many, many grants available for people to start businesses. There are specified grants for women, minorities, and even immigrants to help get your start-up business off the ground and get money into the hands of those with big business ideas. It's important too apply for these grants and it's also important to use them as they were intended to be used.

Every step you take toward accessing additional funds will bring you a step closer toward realizing your dream of owning and running your own business. The most successful are the ones who simply refused to give up.

Think. Grow. Live!

Roland N. Gilbert

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