Friday, July 12, 2013

Be Decisive!

Indecision is a miserable state to be in and certainly is not a fruit of the simple life. The apostle James said the double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Never making a decision because you're afraid you'll make the wrong one will get you nowhere. How much time do you think we waste when we can't make up our minds?

We often labor over the choices before us when we just need to make a decision and let it stand. This may be a simple example, but think about it: When you stand in front of your closet in the morning looking at all your clothes, just choose something and put it on. Don't go back and forth until you make yourself late for work!

Chronic indecisiveness can be one of the toughest psychological demons to banish. Here are a few ways to help you pull the trigger when a big part of you would rather do anything but.

Forget About Always Appearing Smart

Plenty of talented people, even those who have made a killing, go to exhaustive lengths not to appear dumb. Actually, the smarter you are, the more likely your indecision is born of this anxiety. A kid building a start-up can be wrong, fail, and feel no shame: “I’m a kid… what do you expect?” Not so for someone with an established reputation to protect. This fear of shame is pernicious, mainly because it’s useless. Let it go.

Trust Your Gut (It’s Savvier Than You Think)

What we refer to as “our gut” is actually a wealth of knowledge infused with validated facts that you aren't in touch with until you reach a critical crossroad. Or as my grandfather use to say: “If you don’t make the right decision, you can make the decision right.”

Accept The Limits Of Analysis

The road to hell, we’re told, is paved with good intentions! Avoid paralysis by analysis. Act, examine your results, make adjustments, and move on. 

Flip A Coin
William James said “When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.”  He was dead-on! If you feel like a hung jury that’s still deadlocked, use a coin to break your mental logjam.
Remember: Indecision is all about avoiding: 
 1. the choice between two negative alternatives, one of which has to be adopted, or 
2. the choice between two fairly equal courses of action. In both cases, the solution may well be heads or tails.

Let me encourage you to start making decisions without second-guessing yourself or worrying about the choices you make. Don't be double-minded or wishy-washy because doubting your decisions after you make them will steal the enjoyment from everything you do. 

Make the best decisions you can and trust God with the results.

Think, Grow. Live!

Roland N. Gilbert

Roland works one-on-one – via phone and face-to-face – and with Master Mind  Groups. Through  Coaching Roland helps clients communicate better, find the love they want, and create relationships of significance. 

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