Relationship Coaching

Real Help for Struggling Relationships

Relationship Coaching
There is no human experience more satisfying than a close, loving and happy relationship. Ironically, there is no experience more frustrating and emotionally draining than an unfulfilling or combative relationship. Clearly, when love is involved our very quality of life is at stake.
We would all like to feel that our closest relationship represents a safe haven where we can always find love, comfort, and security.  Sadly, far too many couples are beginning to feel the effects of outside stress eroding the way they interact and communicate with one another.
 Are you in a difficult relationship and want help with unresolved issues?
 Are you beginning a new relationship that you want to succeed?
 Do you want to strengthen and deepen your relationship?
 Are you trying to figure out if your relationship can be saved?
These are only a few of the reasons why people contact me about relationship coaching. Sadly, in today’s society most of us enter adulthood lacking effective relationship skills. We know that we want an exceptional relationship, but we don’t have a good understanding of how to accomplish our goal. I believe that this is the basis for most relationship challenges.

Exceptional relationships start here!

Anyone who is willing can learn good relationship skills. Even if only one partner is currently ready to put forth the effort, it can still have a dramatic effect on the quality of your life together.
Whether you receive coaching alone, or with your partner, I will show you how to make small changes that will have a significant impact on the dynamics of your relationship. You will discover how to heal old wounds and replace unhealthy response patterns with positive, mutually supportive behavior patterns.
When working with one partner the goal is to bring loving awareness to the relationship so healing and growth can begin. The partner who receives the coaching will gain a new perspective of the relationship, seeing it as a living entity with specific needs. As you learn to provide some of those needs, the health of the relationship will improve. Admittedly, one partner cannot do the other’s work, but by adjusting your behavior in a way that feeds your relationship, you can effect change in your partner’s behavior.
When coaching couples, I look at your relationship from a three dimensional perspective. Since a relationship is made up of two individuals I will want to work with each of you separately for a single session. Once I have a basic understanding of your individual feelings and expectations, then it is time for us to work on the relationship itself. Together we will explore important aspects of your interaction as a couple in terms of what is best for the relationship as a whole.
To facilitate positive change we will also need to identify areas where one or both of you needs to take responsibility to fulfill your role in this partnership. All of this constitutes an alignment process to get you both working together for a stronger and mutually satisfying union.

Are you ready to turn things around?

If you don’t yet have the relationship of your dreams, don’t worry, things can change. The whole purpose of relationship coaching is to provide you with the right tools and strategies for unprecedented relationship success. I want you to have exactly what you need to build and maintain a truly close, loving and happy relationship.
Even though relationship coaching is more involved, the rates are exactly the same as for my other coaching services. The difference would be your commitment to the coaching process. Because of what is involved and what is at stake, I would highly recommend the 6X coaching package for couples and either the 4X or 6X package for coaching one partner. But before moving to that stage, please contact me for a free consultation call.
Why don’t we get together and talk about it? l am happy to set up a free 15 minute consultation call so we can get acquainted. This is a great opportunity to confirm that Relationship Coaching is right for you, and that we are comfortable working together before you spend any money.
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